RIM Push Service SDK Updated to Version 1.0.1 with Optimization


RIM has announced the release of the BlackBerry Push Service SDK version 1.01. RIM’s famous Push SDK allows developers to deliver information through a Java or WebWorks app efficiently and reliably. The Push API is based on the open WAP Push Accesss protocol v2.2 standard, and is available to all developers and web content providers.

New features in this release include:

  • Subscription Check API: A new server side API has been added, which allows you to check the registration status of devices registered with your application.
  • Optimizations and bug fixes: Improvements made to both performance and reliability.
  • Statistics gathering: Allows you to better track data regarding push operations (such as push count and remaining quota) and SDK operations (such as memory, thread pools, work queues).
  • Improved Query Capabilities: This enables simple retrieval of data pertaining to your subscribers and pushes via user-defined criterion.
  • Installer Improvements: Command line installation support has been added to the Linux version.

Considering services like Push are such an insignificant amount of revenue with respect to device sales and RIM’s core business, it’s strange that they have fees associated with using the service. Anything that adds value to the platform from a developer perspective will help RIM sell more devices and there’s no sense in adding barriers.

More info about Push services update available from the Dev Blog.

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