Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Talks About RIM Acquisition


steve ballmer

Pretty much as long as BlackBerryCool has been around, we’ve been hearing about the possibility of Microsoft acquiring RIM. In a recent interview, Steve Ballmer addressed the potential for an acquisition, saying the decision to build versus buy is a complicated subject. Would RIM even consider a buyout? With all their latest acquisitions and foray into tablets and new markets, RIM is surely in it for the long haul and focused on building a company that would could be too big to acquire. From the interview:

Q: What has stopped you from making really bold bets on technology? You’ve got more than $40 billion on the balance sheet. If you want to have substantial market share in smartphones, why not just acquire Research In Motion, maker of the BlackBerry?

A: We’ve made bold technology bets. We’ve bet on the Cloud and our Enterprise business; it’s going fantastic. We made the bet on Xbox; we made the bet on Kinect. We bet on Bing and are growing like a weed in that business. So I feel pretty good about the bets. When do acquisitions make sense? That’s a complicated subject.

Read the full interview at this link.

  • Url20

    sounds cool. But micro$oft is falling in the blackhole they have the same mind as they had 20 years before. Their unique success until now is xbox which has a PowerPC processor (apple) inside it. It seens their creativity finished to flow new ideas. RIM has money, has technology and has QNX they have capacity to walk with their own foots and grow by their own efforts.

  • Steve

    Fuck you microsoft! You will end up fucking up RIM as well

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