PocketDay Customizable Today Screen Version 7 Now Available



PocketDay Professional is a customizable and integrated Today Screen for your BlackBerry. The app helps you keep track of Missed Calls, Unread Email, Calendar, Tasks, Weather, News, Stocks, Google Search, Twitter, World Times and more. The app also works with PocketDay plugins such as Sports which lets you keep track of your favorite professional sports, and Lists which is a customizable list application.

Cross River Systems announced today that PocketDay version 7 (exclusively for OS 5 and OS 6) has been officially released. New features include:

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  • New Title Bar now shows every notification the main BB home screen does (OS 6 only)
  • New Toolbar at the bottom of the PocketDay Screen launches Profiles, New (Event, Task, Email, Text, etc.), Messages, BBM, Address Book, Browser, Camera and PD Favorites (Touch screen Devices Only)
  • Clicking on the Title Bar shows a new System Status window with a new Toolbar (Device Lock, Manage Connections, BB Options, Search, PD Options) – Touch Screen Devices Only
  • New Context Menus available for all PocketDay sections (OS 6)
  • New Favorites Feature allows users to create Favorite Contacts, Apps and Web Links (web links can be added to PD from the BB Browser as well)
  • Pressing the right side convenience key from within PocketDay opens the Favorites screen and cycles through the views (Contacts, Apps, Web links)…great for one handed quick access to functions
  • Clicking on email now launches the BB message app directly for standard functionality (OS 6)
  • Twitter and RSS News feeds now use the built in parsers for increased performance (OS 6)

For more details about the latest version of PocketDay, check them out at this link.

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