Wavefront Community Offers Canadian Mobile Developers Support



Wavefront is a not-for-profit organization that provides training, mobile industry advisory services, incubation office space and testing resources to developers in Canada. The goal of the organization is to accelerate the growth of Canada’s wireless and new media companies and help companies with speed-to-market. Some of the benefits of membership include:

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  • Free and/or discounted access to WaveGuide training sessions
  • Access to over 1000 mobile handsets representing different global mobile networks and platforms:
  • Access to Wavefront’s local handset library of 300+ phones
  • 2 days free access to PACA Mobile Center’s European handset inventory in Marseille, France
  • 1 hour free trial when registering for Perfecto Mobile (remote web access to the latest handsets connected UK, Israel, US and Canada global networks)
  • Access to mobile industry information resources
  • Global wireless market linkages
  • Access to Orange developer centre in Vancouver equipped with live 2G and 3G Orange UK network access and Orange mobile handsets with SIM cards
  • 25% discount to post jobs on Techvibes using code ‘wavefront’
  • 35% discount to distribute press releases using MarketWire
  • Startups receive access to Microsoft BizSpark Program (Microsoft Software, Support, Visibility)
  • Wavefront charges $10 – $25 per day for access to the handset library which is a pretty good rate considering many of the for-profit services out there can cost you much more. On the other hand, many developers have looked to beta tests and crowdsourcing for device testing. The benefits of membership are probably best in terms of networking and access to industry executives at their various events.

    Register for the Wavefront Community here.

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