New to the Alliance: Mimecast Allows Access to Email When BES and Exchange Fails


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When we last wrote about Mimecast, we reported about theri cloud-based service that emulates the information on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and ensures employees can access information on their BlackBerry, even if RIM is experiencing an outage. Mimecast was the first cloud service to protect against BES failures, and it challenges RIM’s message that BES is totally reliable.

Today, Mimecast announced it has formally partnered with RIM and has launched Mimecast Services for BlackBerry smartphones. The service seems to offer the same core feature: the ability to access email even in the event of a Microsoft Exchange outage or BlackBerry Enterprise Server failure. It seems the news is more centered around the fact that the company is now officially an Alliance Partner. Welcome to the club!

More details available in the press release.

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