Will.i.am Launches App Company Will.i.apps with 360 Video


Demo of the BEP360 app

Will.i.am (or the much less cool “William”) has launched a new app company called Will.i.apps. Considering how much attention Will.i.am has given to BlackBerry over the years, and how much sponsorship RIM has kicked his way, we were expecting him to launch with BlackBerry but instead he’s gone iPhone.

The reason probably has to do with the launch of his first product, the 360 platform, which puts the user in the middle of the music video, allowing them to use augmented reality to look around the party. It’s an awesome feature and we’ve seen very few augmented reality apps for BlackBerry. Will.i.apps is taking a unique approach to apps that could change the way music videos are consumed on a mobile. Who knows, maybe it will do to music videos what 3D has done to the music industry.

Other features of the app platform and BEP360 app include:

  • Point iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device at the cover artwork of the band’s latest album, “The Beginning” (Interscope Records) and watch augmented reality take form with BEP avatars dancing to the beat
  • Direct a virtual photo session with Fergie, will.i.am, apl.de.ap & Taboo allowing users to capture their own shots and share them.
  • Stay up to date on everything about the Peas via an aggregated Twitter feed
  • Play an addictive Peas-inspired puzzle game
  • View pictures and comments posted by other BEP360 app users on a virtual earth

Who knows, maybe we’ll see this kind of cool new content available for BlackBerry in the near future.