Gym Technik Updated with Streaming Video Tutorials for Exercises


gym technik

Gym Technik let us know that they’ve updated their app with some pretty cool features including streaming full motion video of all the exercises natively. This new feature will be helpful for beginners who want a better explanation of how to perform the exercises. Other features include:

App Auto-Sync - Keep forgetting to sync the app with your online account? The app now automatically syncs with your online account daily, posting your stats online, and keeping your workouts on your BlackBerry up to date.

New Navigation Tool Bar - It’s now faster and easier to skip through exercises of a workout on the app, with instant access to the Back, Next, and Save buttons.

Full Workout Library Sync - Prior versions only synced up workouts which were created in the last two months. Now synching the app pulls down your entire workout library, regardless of creation date.

BlackBerry App Settings - Your settings can now be changed from your BlackBerry without having to login to your web account. Navigate to the Settings menu within the app to update your email address, and the unit measurements for your weight, distance, and body stats.

Read more about the update at Gym Technik’s site.

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    That’s great to hear about this now I can gain more curved muscles from this