Rumor: RIM’s PlayBook to Use Dalvik VM to Run Android Apps



Rumor has it that RIM will be using the Dalvik virtual machine that would allow Android apps to run on the PlayBook. It’s not clear how exactly this would be implemented, but it could go one of two ways: either with Google’s help under some form of partnership, or RIM would implement without a partnership, leveraging the open source nature of Dalvik.

Google has done a great job of garnering positive press for the Android Market by promoting the fact that it has over 100,000 apps in its catalog. At first this seems like it’s exactly what the PlayBook needs. But is this true? We know that the PlayBook will have over 4,000 apps at launch, and while 104,000 apps would be cool, it would also consist of a lot of duplication and bloating. Whenever App Store numbers are discussed in the mainstream media, they rarely point out the fact that a large percentage of these apps constitute eBooks, template apps, and in the case of Android: Comics. Almost every single app worth downloading is already available across multiple platforms, so one has to wonder if all this fuss is really going to result in the end user getting some new and amazing apps we’ve never used before.

  • Boozon

    “Almost every single app worth downloading is already available across multiple platforms”

    Yes, if you look at global or US apps, not local or regional apps.


    In Sweden there are loads of nice local/regional apps (newspapers, train companies, bus companies, sports, banks etc) available for iPhone/Android.

    Number of these apps available for BlackBerry: 0.

    If it were possible to run Android apps on the BlackBerry, that would be absolutely fantastic and a giant leap forward!

    (And the sad fact that the local apps are not available for BB is actually the single biggest reason why I’m even considering switching from BlackBerry to either iPhone or Android…)