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Gym Technik Updated with Streaming Video Tutorials for Exercises


gym technik

Gym Technik let us know that they’ve updated their app with some pretty cool features including streaming full motion video of all the exercises natively. This new feature will be helpful for beginners who want a better explanation of how to perform the exercises. Other features include:
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Check Out A Few Winners of the 2010 Super Apps Challege


Super App

We recently wrote about the marketing efforts of App Promo on behalf of the winners of the 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge and the promo efforts continue. The company sent us an email to recap the winners of the challenge, so we thought we’d oblige them and mention the winners once again. Click through to read about some award-winning apps.
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BlackBerry 6 Available for Verizon Bold 9650 and Curve 3G


blackberry 6

RIM let us know that BlackBerry 6 will be available for BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Curve 3G customers for Verizon Wireless today by 8pm EST. We’ve written extensively about OS 6 and you’re among the lucky ones if your device is able to upgrade. The new OS includes a revamped UI, the new WebKit browser, universal search, social feeds and generally more coolness.

To update, head to or download the update Over the Air (OTA) by selecting Options > Advanced Options > Wireless Update.

Read our review of BlackBerry 6 here.

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The Arduous Task of Monitoring Your Portfolio in App World


App World

For BlackBerry Theme and App developers, it’s important to check your download/sales reports, and figure out how your product is doing in App World. Ideally, you’re meant to learn more about what sells and how best to tailor your product(s) to fit what users are demanding. A good strategy to success in App World is to have a large portfolio of apps or themes, but as your portfolio increases, it becomes more difficult to manage all of these apps/themes. Here is a typical example of how a developer, with many products in his/her portfolio, would find managing these products given the current features of the App World vendor portal.
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Eavesdropping Laws Need to Be Updated to Account for Smartphones


police recording
Another example of just how outdated these recording laws are: police departments in other states are creating their own apps that directly violate the eavesdropping laws of other states.

There is a growing trend of recording and reporting incidents by the public via smartphones/mobiles these days. The trend covers events such as the police killing a man near the BART system, a plane crashing in the Hudson, tragic moments from the Iranian elections, and countless more. Recording the world around you has become commonplace in today’s society. Just take a look at the site CrowdReel, which publishes pictures from Twitter streams around the world.

Recently, a case has brought to light outdated eavesdropping laws in Illinois and 11 other states. The case involves two individuals who recorded public officials (one of which used her BlackBerry) because they wanted a record of what was said for their own personal protection. This act landed them potential sentences of 15 years in prison (the sentence is much greater when it involves a public official versus a civilian).
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Demo of the BEP360 app (or the much less cool “William”) has launched a new app company called Will.i.apps. Considering how much attention has given to BlackBerry over the years, and how much sponsorship RIM has kicked his way, we were expecting him to launch with BlackBerry but instead he’s gone iPhone.

The reason probably has to do with the launch of his first product, the 360 platform, which puts the user in the middle of the music video, allowing them to use augmented reality to look around the party. It’s an awesome feature and we’ve seen very few augmented reality apps for BlackBerry. Will.i.apps is taking a unique approach to apps that could change the way music videos are consumed on a mobile. Who knows, maybe it will do to music videos what 3D has done to the music industry.
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