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Official SharePoint Client for BlackBerry Coming This Year



We’ve recently heard about some of the updates coming to the BlackBerry Platform with respect to the enterprise side of things including cloud-based BES solutions. Alec Taylor, vice president of product marketing at RIM, has confirmed that we’ll also be seeing an official SharePoint client for BlackBerry that lets you manage documents and calendar events for your device.
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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for BlackBerry by EA Review


mortal kombat

Currently, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 by Electronic Ats is being featured in the App World carousel and considering how much of a huge success the franchise has been in gaming history, it was hard to avoid paying the $2.99 to give it a try. While UMK3 has a pretty wide range of device support, the Torch was used for this review.

When you boot up the app, be sure to be in landscape mode. UMK3 doesn’t support portrait mode, due to the way the game is played. As you can see from the below screenshot, the controls use a virtual joystick and two buttons (one for regular attack and the other for a special). Fighting is done with a basic combination of ‘down+special’ or ‘back+attack’. As with most mobile games, you’re seriously limited by what you can do with the device, and the cramped key space means that developers have to get creative with how you play the game.
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XIMAD Launches Bubble Birds Premium Arcade Game


bubble birds

XIMAD let us know that they’ve launched a new BlackBerry game called Bubble Birds Premium. The game is in the style of the popular bubble shooter arcade games where you have to match up colors and clear the screen. Reviews on App World are pretty solid so far and the price is really reasonable at $1.99. Considering the game is called “Bubble Birds Premium” we may expect a “Lite” version soon. Check Bubble Birds out in App World.

Any chance the company is looking to cash in on the fact that “Birds” is now a popular name in smartphone gaming? Maybe birds are just cute and make great mascots.

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UberTwitter Acquired by PostUp and Becomes Part of UberMedia



It’s not that often an app gets acquired but it’s great when it does happen. Especially for an app that has to compete with first party services like UberTwitter, which was acquired by PostUp. The acquisition puts UberTwitter in PostUps network of Twitter clients for multiple platforms which they call UberMedia, and rounds out their offerings for BlackBerry. PostUp, which focuses on building a platform to allow for easy user discovery, and helps people build up their follower list, will hopefully invest and continue to build up UberTwitter.

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Theme Builder with Support for All OS 6 Devices Coming Soon


theme builder announcement

In a recent Tweet from Mike Kirkup, director of developer relations at RIM, we heard that by the end of January, RIM will be launching an updated beta version of Theme Builder with support for all 6.0 devices. Themes for BlackBerry 6 are pretty interesting because BlackBerry 6 is sort of a theme itself. RIM has gone through a lot of changes in how the UI works, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that fewer themes are being purchased as users upgrade to the latest OS. It should also be interesting to see if the upcoming QNX OS will support themes.

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Save the Dates: BlackBerry Developer Days in Dubai, Washington, New York and More


build with blackberry

RIM is hosting BlackBerry Developer Days that feature technical and go-to market sessions for developers of all experience levels. The sessions are designed to take you through some of the intricacies of developing for the BlackBerry platform and feature hints on how to get started. Upcoming dates include:
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