Apress Won’t Publish BlackBerry Books Other Than for PlayBook

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The guys at Made Simple Learning let us know about their latest book: BlackBerry Torch Made Simple. What’s interesting about this latest book, is that their usual publisher, Apress, has taken a pass on all BlackBerry books - except for the Playbook. According to the authors, Apress doesn’t feel the BlackBerry market is strong enough to merit future books on BlackBerrys. This seems like a strange reason to not publish the books considering the BlackBerry market continues to grow along with the greater smartphone industry. A more obvious reason is that print seems to be on the decline, and much of the information in the Made Simple Learning books for BlackBerry can be found online.

BlackBerry Torch Made Simple is available in eBook form and the printed version will be out in a couple of weeks. This book is published by the authors themselves because, as the authors have said, they want to prove the publishers wrong and show “there is still a market for quality BlackBerry books”.

You can grab the BlackBerry Torch Made Simple eBook from their site.

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