Win a Torch and More With SmrtGuard’s “Refer-a-Friend Contest”

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Hats off to SmrtGuard - these guys do a great job of marketing their applications. The most recent initiative is a referral contest they call the “Refer-a-Friend Contest” and prizes include an unlocked BlackBerry Torch, 10 SmrtGuard Pro Lifetime Subscriptions, a BlackBerry for Dummies book and SmrtGuard Pens.

The contest is incredibly easy to enter:

1. Download SmrtGuard app (if they have not done so already)
2. Launch SmrtGuard application on your smartphone.
3. Click on your smartphone menu key and select ‘Suggest to friends’.
4. Enter the email of the person you wish to refer SmrtGuard to and click ‘OK’.

Check out the Refer-a-Friend contest page and leaderboard at this link.

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