RIM Introduces BlackBerry Radio App to US Beta Zone Users

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Later today, US BlackBerry Beta Zones users will be invited to try out RIM’s latest app called BlackBerry Radio. The upcoming radio discovery app brings a variety of music services such as Slacker, Pandora, Clear Channel and Corus all into a single app. Other features include:

  • Quickly browse genre-based radio stations
  • Enjoy seamless integration with your BlackBerry for quick and easy access to BlackBerry radio partners and the Amazon MP3 storefront
  • Try premium radio apps within BlackBerry Radio for free
  • Just start rockin’! No set-up required

RIM has been working at a way to make the music experience better on BlackBerry for some time now and this is their latest attempt. The thing is, we don’t really get it. Why does RIM feel the need to get involved when there are so many other radio and music service providers out there? Does the BlackBerry Radio app in some way make the music experience better on a BlackBerry? It just seems to be an aggregated service with Amazon affiliate links, something a third party developer probably could have put together. It would be nice if RIM spent less time developing new apps, and spent more time working on the ones we love and haven’t seen updated in a while like BlackBerry Protect.

More information about BlackBerry Radio at Inside BlackBerry.

  • http://www.mobolinks.com Steveg56

    I wish someone would figure out local stations. The only thing I hate about these digital radio stations is they take it to the next century forgetting this one. I would like to be able to listen to a local station no matter where in the world I am. As well include your next generations services. There are a couple out there but none of them fill in all the pieces. Lets hope this will bridge the gap between all these applications.

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