Updated: Show Me The Images Gets Your Email Images Quickly and Conveniently


show me the images

BBerryGo has updated its popular product Show Me The Images with some bug fixes and a couple small features. If you haven’t heard of the app, Show Me The Images allows you to see the images in an email without having to click “Get Images”. The app automatically downloads images in your email and allows you to set up whitelists directly from an easy-to-access menu. In this latest version, the following has been updated:

  • Fixed: ‘Display Safe List Bar’ not saving
  • Fixed: Consolidate Addresses screen not closing
  • Fixed: Consolidate Addresses now only shows domains with multiple entries
  • Fixed: Images download when SMTI is triggered from menu
  • Added: Mark as read of closed before images download
  • Added: Retrieve full message when images download

Find more information about Show Me The Images from this link.

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