BlackBerry Tablet OS Simulator Update Available With Browser


playbook app

For those developers making a PlayBook, you’ll be pleased to know that an updated version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS Simulator, which features the full BlackBerry Browser, is live today. Web developers can now start testing their web and Flash applications using the Browser on the simulator to ensure usability and that they are taking advantage of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet’s browser.

What developers should know about the BlackBerry Browser running on the BlackBerry Tablet OS:

  • The User Agent will continue to match the current User Agent pattern used with BlackBerry smartphone products. This will enable developers to continue to leverage the development investment they have placed into building web pages optimized for BlackBerry already.
  • The browser builds on the existing support for web standards such as HTML5 for the BlackBerry by adding support for HTML5 Video and Audio based on the power and flexibility of the underlying BlackBerry Tablet OS.
  • The browser supports Adobe Flash 10.1, and Flash developers will be able to test the Flash player in the simulator.

Get more details about the PlayBook simulator from the devblog.

Download the simulator at this link.