Ringtone Remix Updated With Speed Improvements and Song Picker

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Electric Pocket has updated its app Ringtone Remix, an app that lets you create a ringtone collection from the music on your device. To create a ringtone, you simply select the track, choose the section you want to sample from the waveform, and then save as a ringtone. In the most recent update you’ll find:

  • Significant improvement in speed – eliminating any lag-time when ringtones are played.
  • Even more degrees of zoom on the waveform so users can better fine-tune which sections of songs they wish to use as their ringtones
  • A new song picker to make it easier to find and select the tune you want to turn into a ringtone.

Other features include:

  • Choose any song from a music collection to use as a ringtone for callers, alerts, and even reminder tones from Electric Pocket’s famous BugMe! sticky note app
  • Zoom in and choose their favorite part of the song to use as the tone
  • Pick any MP3 or M4A (non-DRM) tracks to transform into ringtones
  • Preview tones to hear how they will loop

Ringtone Remix is also currently on sale for $1.99 (formerly $2.99), so check them out in the store.

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