Testing iPhone Deployments in Your Company? Better Not Lose Them!


Lost iPhone? – Lost passwords!

There have been several stories circulating the web about major banks, financial institutions and large corporations testing iPhone deployments, but are they secure? A German engineering firm Fraunhofer posted a video that shows how an iPhone, running the latest firmware can be easily hacked, giving the hacker access to WiFi networks, saved website logins and anything stored in the keychain file. Could this German company do the same with a password protected BlackBerry? Doubtful.

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  • Diego Nei

    I remember once I was going to update my OS and decided to do a clean install so I wiped with BBSAK.

    Imagine my surprise when AppLoader still asked me for the password I had on the device before the wipe… For about 3 hours, I really thought I would need to buy a new device!! 0.0

    I managed to load the OS again but it was only possible after tricking it into a factory reset (Which btw, cleans all security info from the device. No secrets left behind.) so it would stop asking for the password!