Distimo Report Shows Top Free and Paid BlackBerry Apps


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The most recent publication to come out of Distimo covers the major smartphone marketplaces and this report focuses on the Google Android Market and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace because they have the highest growth. It’s a little odd that Distimo would focus on these two stores considering the WP7 growth is a little contrived and still around half that of App World. Microsoft has been paying upfront royalties for developers to port their apps to WP7, which would explain a lot of the growth. Initial sales of Windows Phone 7 devices weren’t stellar, and the business case for porting apps isn’t obvious just yet. Then again, it’s possible Distimo doesn’t take any of this into consideration and is just taking the numbers at face value. Hit the jump to check out the Top Free BlackBerry apps.

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It’s great to see Distimo’s ranking but the numbers aren’t all that meaningful. It would be great if we could see revenue estimates. Mobile is hot right now but nobody wants to talk about how much money these companies are making. That’s probably for the best because it’s fueling a lot of the hype in the industry.

Download the latest report from Distimo here.

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