Roundup of PlayBook Apps Demo’d at Mobile World Congress


Expresso app for starbucks

There are some pretty cool PlayBook apps being demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2011. The PlayBook is slated to be shipped around April 1st and everyone is hoping RIM hits this target date. Although, would anyone really be surprised if it gets delayed?

The PlayBook’s screen size provides some awesome opportunities for games and apps that use multitouch and bigger screens. Hit the jump and check out a few apps we can expect to see on the PlayBook.

eXpresso for Starbucks Coffee

Pictured above, eXpresso for Starbucks Coffee is a personal Ordering Assistant. With a graphical beverage creator, a dynamic and interactive favorites list, and the inclusion of Barista Speak, you can use this app to order at Starbucks.

Check out the app in App World.

Aura Weather App

YouTube link

RIM and TAT put together this proof of concept app called Aura that uses WebWorks to make a weather application for the PlayBook. The app utilizes the accelerometer and some fun physics to display the weather in a cool way.

BlackBerry PlayBook ‘Scrapbook’ App

YouTube link

The BlackBerry Scrapbook app is another app by RIM and TAT that takes your photos as well as some clipart to make fun scrapbook style collages.

Need for Speed and Tetris

Need for Speed and Tetris are two games we can expect to see on the PlayBook. Everybody knows these franchises so there’s no need to explain them, but suffice it to say that gaming looks sweet on a tablet.

Hat tip to BerryReview, Engadget and Inside BB.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the Kobo app was going to be demoed. I have a kindle but I’m really interested to see PB as an e-reader. If you have it please put that one up. Thanks!