Apple Locked Up Close to 60% of Global Touch Panel Supply


foxconn factory

It has been some time since RIM announced the PlayBook and it seems like consumers are starting to wonder what the holdup is. A recent rumor suggests that Apple has created tight supply in the global touch panel capacity market in an attempt to reach its goal of shipping 40 million iPads in 2011. Apparently, these component shortages are affecting competitors such as RIM, Motorola and HP, and could be contributing to delays.

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There are also wider market reasons why the tablet isn’t shipping already. One such reason is that second tier players in the tablet market are waiting for consumer cash to build, as well as the tablet market itself to grow a little mitigate some of the risk when entering a relatively new market. If RIM can’t deliver a tablet by April 1st, it’s going to look pretty bad for the company.

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