How Hot Peas ‘N Butter Sold Their Merchandise With a BlackBerry


Hot Peas Quote

RIM’s @blackberry4biz account is promoting a case study of the band Hot Peas ‘N Butter, a children’s musical group that also sells merchandise to fans who attend their live shows. The band used MobileVision and the MobileChargePro for BlackBerry and they were able to use their BlackBerrys to process credit and debit card transactions. As a result, sales went up for the band, and also impressed their clients with the cool payment technology they had implemented.

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It’s no wonder why all bands don’t have this sort of payment technology with them on the road. Most bands these days are stuck either accepting cash only, or outsourcing the job to a third party that takes a cut on their sales. This way, they can sell all the merch they want and keep the profits themselves (minus some banking fees).

Another great payment solution for BlackBerry is WirelessMerchant. Check out our writeup of them here.