RIM’s Andrew Bocking Talks NFC at Mobile World Congress 2011

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At Mobile World Congress 2011, RIM’s Andrew Bocking talked about NFC and what that means for users and businesses. There are a ton of different ways that NFC can be used including Bluetooth style picture transfers, mobile payments and any scenario where your phone’s proximity to something pulls or pushes data.

The real killer feature is going to be mobile payments though. North Americans are incredibly behind when it comes to this sort of technology adoption and the fact that we’re only discussing NFC now is a little embarrassing. Even with NFC implemented, it’s still going to take some time to see businesses and banks support these types of payments. By then, countries like South Korea will be on something even more advanced, and we’ll be catching up again. We should really be looking at a technology that would leapfrog us.

Read more over at Inside BlackBerry.

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