Total Apps-Duplicates-eBooks-Themes=Under 9K Apps in App World


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Recently, we screenscraped the App World database for a project we’re working on and we came up with some interesting data. After scraping the site, we found:

Total apps; 22,715 (of that 5,150 are eBooks)

There are also duplicate apps. App World is the only portal to allow 2 vendors to use the same app name. When you subtract duplicates, you get 19,395 apps (including eBooks).

To figure out exactly how many unique apps we have in App World, we take:
19.395 unique apps
Minus 5,150 eBooks
Minus 5,574 themes
= 8671 unique apps

We’ll have more data to come out of this scraping exercise, including word clouds and some analysis regarding reviews. One thing we’d like to see from RIM is an enterprise feed. While looking into how many apps were in the Apple App Store, all we had to do was register and get approved by LinkShare, and through them you can get access to Apple’s affiliate program. If you’re approved for this, you can email Apple and get approval for their enterprise feed which gives you a weekly update of the entire App Store database. RIM could also create a similar three step (or less) process of validation that gets you access to their database as well. In the end, it would help developers spread access to the content which would mean more downloads for App World and BlackBerry developers.

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