BlackBerry Analytics Service Beta for Developers Now Available


blackberry webtrends

Back at DEVCON2010. we heard the Analytics Service would be available early 2011 and it’s now here. A beta BlackBerry Analytics Service is now available for developers to download and start using. The Analytics SDK and web-based reporting tool allows developers to collect data about their applications so they can improve and optimize them. The service should also make for some interesting editorializing of BlackBerry apps with all the user data devs will be collecting.

The BlackBerry Analytics Service is powered by Webtrends and integration requires just a few lines of code. After integrating, developers will get:

  • Overview metrics showing active users, new users, frequency of use, engagement in duration and depth of use, number of screens viewed, and conversions.
  • Detail in usage of screens, content, media, features, products, in-app search, and in-app ads
  • User information including country and language, device characteristics, carrier, connection type and errors

To learn more about this free service, head over to

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