RIM’s Tyler Lessard Responds to PlayBook Dev Post


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We recently commented on Jamie Murai’s PlayBook dev post/rant and it looks like the post got RIM’s attention as Tyler Lessard has responded on the official dev blog. It seems a lot of developers are annoyed that Murai’s post, which hasn’t said anything that hasn’t been said either on other blogs or in their support forums, gets an official response from RIM, whereas their posts did not. Maybe RIM’s dev blog should do monthly roundups of concerns raised in the forums and their official response. It would prove they’re listening to everyone.

While the official response from RIM was a little contrived, there are a few notable quotes:

“One example that directly relates to Jamie’s feedback is that if you register an account on our Developer Zone web site, you can sign in with that account and download all of our tools without needing to re-enter your information several times. However, we’re going to work on improving the download steps for those of you who just want to get at the tools without registering an account. I apologize that this was overlooked up until now.”

This is a little surprising because at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, Mike Kirkup talked specifically about doing away with these registration forms and a room of developers responded with cheering. So how was this overlooked until now?

“We are continuing to evolve this process and remain committed to ensuring developers can register and submit apps at no cost.”

This sounds like Lessard is saying that app submission will be free forever.

“We will also review the requirement to have a Notary as this has come up as a challenge for some members of our community recently. I’m grateful this was brought to our attention.”

Hopefully RIM can tell their legal team to relax a little in favor of building a great platform.

The rest of the letter is formalities but it’s a good start.

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    I was quite surprised too, that Tyler could not remember the promise from DevCon09 - I am not sure if it was Mike who did that announcement - but for sure the audience was very happy - There was only a second time in the keynotes when the audience was cheering - that was the moment when RIM showed a Simulator that allow hot “code replacement” (change the source of your app without the need to restart the Sim) - well I am still waiting for that Simulator to be released.

    As I said in my other comment few days ago - looks like RIM is short of resources - IMHO it was good that Tyler responded in the way he did it (but of course only cause of the wide attention Jamie got)…

    I hope RIM will make use of the loyal RIM minded Developers they already have - for sure they need to streamline the overall development process (incl. the registration stuff) - on the other hand side I know that this process is doable (not very convenient - but doable) - so this is IMHO not top priority [at least when RIM would make use of the existing developer power already registered with RIM]… but to be honest I have some fears that QNX is not RIM JavaVM ready :-|

  • Anonymous

    It’s a well known problem within RIM that the legal team holds WAY too much power, and slows a lot of stuff down to the point beyond insanity … I seriously hope more developers start to push back. This is important for RIM and for shareholders!

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     It would prove they’re listening to everyone.

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    We are continuing to evolve this process and remain committed to ensuring developers can register and submit apps at no cost.”