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PlayBook Development May Be Easy But It Can Be Easier


sprint playbook

We’ve been reading a lot about Jamie Murai’s PlayBook post entitled “You Win, RIM! (An Open Letter To RIM’s Developer Relations)”. The post garnered a lot of attention by Apple news and Silicon Valley watch sites such as Daring Fireball and Techmeme respectively. The post has also garnered a lot of negative attention by BlackBerry fans who like to point out the inaccuracies in the post and call him an “Apple Fanboy”.

Here we have a young iOS developer who was genuinely interested in PlayBook development but got annoyed with the way RIM has set up the PlayBook dev tools. Also, it doesn’t make sense to spread blame between RIM and Adobe, because in the end it’s RIM’s product. There are a few headaches which the post points out which are difficult to argue:
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Total Apps-Duplicates-eBooks-Themes=Under 9K Apps in App World


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Recently, we screenscraped the App World database for a project we’re working on and we came up with some interesting data. After scraping the site, we found:

Total apps; 22,715 (of that 5,150 are eBooks)

There are also duplicate apps. App World is the only portal to allow 2 vendors to use the same app name. When you subtract duplicates, you get 19,395 apps (including eBooks).

To figure out exactly how many unique apps we have in App World, we take:
19.395 unique apps
Minus 5,150 eBooks
Minus 5,574 themes
= 8671 unique apps
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Review of Angry Farm: The Angry Birds Clone for BlackBerry


angry farm

Angry Farm has been generating a lot of buzz lately, mostly because BlackBerry users have been craving their own version of one of the most popular mobile games ever made. The game’s addictive and fun gameplay, as well as its creative use of a touchscreen, put it a notch above the rest. A lot of users are probably curious about what it’s like, especially considering the $4.99 pricetag with no trial.

Some of the App World reviews of Angry Farm are pretty harsh, comparing it to the iOS version in terms of physics and responsiveness. While I have played Angry Birds for the iPhone, I played a polished version and can’t speak to the very first version they launched. It’s important to remember that in the app business, it’s not uncommon to launch first, churn and update your product until it’s totally polished. It’s a Guy Kawasaki approach to app development and while it may bother some users, I think it’s more important to rush a product to market so you have the dollars to improve it. We know the guys at Smarter Apps and they’re good at what they do. They’ll surely keep an eye on this product and update. Also, they have explicitly promised “free upgrades to all existing customers forever.”
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Bank of America Testing NFC Payments With Mobile Wallet Program


Back at Mobile World Congress 2011, we heard RIM talk a lot about NFC payments and the fact that we’ll be seeing them on BlackBerrys this year. Following this news, we’re now hearing that Bank of America has started a new trial program called Mobile Wallet, that lets you make payments from your BlackBerry to any location where Mastercard’s PayPass is accepted. To use the program, you need a BlackBerry as well as a battery cover with a special antenna and a microSD card. The program will go live this Spring.

Read more about the upcoming program at this link.

BIS 4.0 Will Bring BBID Integration, Google Calendar Sync and More


Documents detailing the upcoming BIS 4.0 have been found and there are some decent improvements on the way for those non-corporate BES users. Some of the new features include:
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BlackBerry Devices Running Android Apps Detected by Flurry


There has been some buzz about the fact that BlackBerry devices may soon be able to run Android apps and according to ShopSavvy’s flurry logs, someone in Waterloo, Ontario has been running ShopSavvy for Android on various BlackBerry devices. The app was logged running on the following devices:
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