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Alt-N Technologies Launches BlackBerry Edition MDaemon Messaging Server


alt-n mailer daemon server

RIM’s subsidiary Alt-N Technologies has announced their MDaemon Messaging Server, the BlackBerry Edition. The mail server is a low cost, Windows-based MDaemon Messaging server for small-to-mid-sized businesses. Features of the messaging server include:
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Canadian Government Now Able To Download Twitter and Facebook Apps



We have seen a dramatic increase over the past couple of years in government officials using social media to reach out to constituents. In Canada, MPs were not able to download the Twitter and Facebook applications, likely due to security concerns, but the House of Commons recently gave MPs and certain political staff the go-ahead to download Twitter and Facebook apps on government-issued BlackBerrys.
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BlackBerry World Session Catalog Now Live


former WES conference

The BlackBerry World Session Catalog is now live and it looks like this conference, despite the rebrand, is still very much geared towards large enterprise. This makes sense as RIM will likely save the more consumer-level news and sessions for the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which is conveniently located in San Francisco. This year’s conference is focused on business, IT, and development needs, as well as the tablet’s impact on the office of tomorrow.
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UPDATED: Twitter for BlackBerry Version Available for BlackBerry 6 Devices


twitter for blackberry

Twitter for BlackBerry has had an incredible impact on the growth of Twitter and while there are some great third party apps out there, it’s hard to have the same impact as a first party app. The official Twitter app is pretty decent BlackBerry app but it still needs a lot of work. Since we first reviewed the official Twitter app, not that much has changed in terms of core features. With this new version, we’re seeing a new icon but again, it’s lacking some killer features. The update seems more graphics-related.
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The Astonishing Tribe Demos Stereoscopic 3D App


YouTube Link

The Astonishing Tribe has been showing off some pretty cool concept apps at Mobile World Congress and one of them is a stereoscopic 3D app. The app shows off a carousel style view of some stereoscopic 3D images and shows how the 1080p high definition display, combined with the HDMI output, a nice flatscreen and some fancy coding, all work smoothly together.

The idea of wearing glasses to view 3D is a little lame, but again, it’s just a concept app. Read more about it from Inside BlackBerry.

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QNX Software Syncs Up Concept Corvette with BlackBerry PlayBook and More


The QNX OS is a versatile platform and while we have seen the PlayBook pairing already, it’s even better to see it in a super-charged car such as a concept Corvette. WIRED took the concept Corvette for a spin and showed off how the car can sync with a PlayBook tablet, BlackBerry smartphone, iPhone and internet services with the car’s own electronics. If you spend a long time commuting, it wouldn’t be a problem getting stuck in traffic with this many gadgets.

More video from Wired available here.

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