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Should Application Storefronts Allow App Name Duplication?


glucose tracker in app world
“Glucose Tracker” search results in App World

It looks like App World is the only major smartphone storefront to allow for app name duplication. A search of “glucose tracker” in App World, App Store and the Android Market, reveals that only BlackBerry returns the same app name from two different companies. It’s not clear whether this is an oversight on RIM’s part, or if the company is taking a stance on the issue by allowing app name duplication.

On the one hand, this can cause some headaches with two companies confusing marketing efforts, or having their support lines crossed by users unsure of which company to contact. From a user perspective, it’s not much of a concern because you generally make your app download/purchase decision based on other factors such as reviews, recommendations and price.
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UberTwitter is Back as UberSocial – Violations Explained by Twitter



UberMedia is back online and back in the Twitter good books after they made some adjustments to their applications and the way they access the Twitter API. You can now download UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter) and get your tweets on.
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Video of the BlackBerry Storm3 Aka the BlackBerry Monaco


YouTube Link

The BlackBerry Storm3 looks pretty awesome, in fact, it looks like what the first and second Storm devices should have been. It looks like RIM has canceled SurePress too, which is great because a touchscreen device doesn’t really need it.

The BlackBerry Monaco is going to be coming out on Verizon, and considering the iPhone 4 is now out on Verizon, RIM has some incredible competition for touchscreen customers. Many previous BlackBerry owners will move to the Storm3 because they may want to keep BBM or some of their favorite BlackBerry apps, but RIM needs to work on the value prop for the Storm3 versus the iPhone 4. Specs after the jump.
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RIM’s Andrew Bocking Talks NFC at Mobile World Congress 2011


YouTube Link

At Mobile World Congress 2011, RIM’s Andrew Bocking talked about NFC and what that means for users and businesses. There are a ton of different ways that NFC can be used including Bluetooth style picture transfers, mobile payments and any scenario where your phone’s proximity to something pulls or pushes data.
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Looking for a New Twitter Client? Try Blaq or BlaqLite



Today we learned that Twitter has suspended UberTwitter, as well as a host of other Twitter apps purchased by UberMedia. If you were using UberTwitter, you’re probably on the hunt for a new Twitter app and Blaq might be just what you’re looking for. Blaq is a feature rich Twitter client for BlackBerry that gives you multi-account support, deep integration with the device, “quick tweet” and more.

Check out Blaq in the store for more information, the app is currently priced at $4.99.

You can also check out BlaqLite, which is free.

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PingChat Multiplatform Chat App Grows to Over 8 Million Users in 2 Years



PingChat is a free text, picture and video messaging app that’s available for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. The app has been incredibly successful over the past two years, and has grown to more than 8 million active users with over 400% growth in 2010. The app is developed by some talented and young guys out of Waterloo and their CEO is just 22 years old. PingChat is representative of why the mobile industry is so awesome right now: young, talented, engineers, making compelling products used all around the world. Never in history has there been this much innovation by such a young demographic.

Check out the above infographic and their blog for an overview of the company’s success.

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