Free Bill Cosby App Connects You To Video, Shows, Social and More


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Bill Cosby has an app and it’s an interesting concept, not because the app is particularly amazing, but it’s cool to see an app centered around a celebrity. More celebrities should create apps for themselves, especially comedians. Can Mobile Roadie please make the Sarah Silverman app?

If you’re a Bill Cosby fan, you’ll enjoy some of the app’s features including:

Concert Schedule – Find out where & when Bill Cosby is performing
Videos – Including: Bill Cosby: 49, Two Friends, and Mr. Sapolsky, With Love
Audio Books – Come on People, Fatherhood, and Friends of a Feather
Photos – Candid photos of Bill Cosby, the OBKB kids, and behind the scenes
Access to Bill Cosby’s tweets, fan walls & much much more

Kudos to the developers for making the app cross-platform. Too many apps are launched with only one platform in mind, but your fans are going to be spread across all platforms. For BlackBerry users head over to App World for the free download.

Check out more cool celebrity apps from the company Mobile Roadie. They’re an interesting development shop with a great business model.