RIM Confirms Developers No Longer Need Notarized Proof of Identity

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We recently mentioned that RIM is no longer requiring developers to send a notarized proof of identity, and now allow developers to scan and email their government issued IDs as proof of identity. This has now been confirmed by RIM and they’re apparently still working on making the process even easier.

It’s good to see these kinds of developments and hopefully RIM makes some leaps and bounds in terms of their development tools. For example, it would be great if the PlayBook simulator came as a single downloadable package along with an easy way to deploy apps. It would also be great if RIM didn’t make the smartphone simulators actually simulate their ridiculously long boot up time. Be sure to post whatever you want RIM to fix in the form of a personal blog post rant because that apparently works wonders.

Read the official announcement at the Dev Blog.

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