Facebook for BlackBerry Version 2.0 Rolls Out in Beta Zone


facebook version 2

RIM has announced that it’s rolling out version 2.0 of Facebook for BlackBerry through the Beta Zone starting today. The new version has a significantly redesigned UI as well as includes Facebook Chat. Some of the other features you can expect include:

Improved News Feed - Improved News Feed interactions enable you to scroll through your News Feed without accidentally clicking “Like”.
New Navigation Control - The new version utilizes a drop-down navigation control that is scalable to support new features in the future.
Notifications Bar - The notifications bar offers an easy way to access your Facebook Notifications, Messages, Friend Requests and Chats from anywhere in the Facebook application.
External Notifications - The external notifications header lets you see when you’ve received a new email message or BBM message without having to leave the Facebook application.
New Profile UI and Profile Information Viewing - The Facebook app now includes the ability to view key information on Profiles and Pages, such as contact info, basic info like birthdays, hometown and relationship status, and likes and interests.

The Facebook Chat feature is pretty exciting but as RIM increasingly makes this a social device, we’re going to need more features for managing who has access to our attention. With Facebook messages, Twitter DMs and mentions, news feed notifications, emails, SMS, BBM messages etc., it feels like everyone in the world has the ability to distract us with a single click.

Digital distraction rants aside, it’s awesome that RIM is finally rolling out this update as we’ve been needing a lot of these features for some time. Hopefully now we won’t consider Facebook for BlackBerry “The Worst App Ever“.

Head over to Inside BlackBerry for the announcement and the Beta Zone to download.

  • macster

    I love Facebook 2.0. Finally a major update.