BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available for Pre-Order Online



RIM and Best Buy have announced the pre-orders, pricing and launch date for the PlayBook. The PlayBook with WiFi will come in three models including a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version priced at $499, $599 and $699 respectively. The PlayBook is scheduled to be available April 19th (9 days after rumors thought it would launch), from all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores. The device will also launch April 19th in Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada. You can preorder your PlayBook today online at:

U.S. –
Canada – or

With this retail strategy, the PlayBook is expected to be available in more than 20,000 retail outlets in the US and Canada. The WiFi version will have a suggested retail price (MSRP) starting at $499 and carriers are expected to launch this radio versions not too long after.

Are you picking one up pre-order?

  • Anonymous

    have been salivating over the PlayBook since it was announced, but until carriers (at&t) announce whether they are going to allow the companion integration w/ their blackberry devices w/o charging extra, no pre-order by me at least. RIM has touted this capability but become strangely silent as release has approached. If the carriers get their way and charge, I’ll likely jump ship from RIM to another platform w/ a larger screen and just bypass the whole tablet frenzy. Not paying double to use the same data on 2 devices with relatively small screens. If I tethered my laptop, OK, worth more, but not for a 7″ tablet.

  • Hardened

    Well … don’t you worry. Part of your equation comes from the provider you’re dealing with for the end song.

    Rogers has already stated high & clear NO EXTRA fees - beyond having a compatible data sharing plan which various availabilities are posted all over their site.

    As tablest become more powerful - I sincerely doubt you’ll be skipping this revolution for too long.

    Playbook has some serious potential but I’m unsure thta its possibl eto use full sourced apps on it without ever needing the desktop.