Ironic Fact: Steve Jobs Created the Most Popular BlackBerry Game Ever



Before Steve Jobs was with Apple, he worked at Atari and was assigned to design a prototype for for a single player Pong game called Breakout. Breakout was a game where you had to use a ball to deplete a wall of bricks without missing the ball on its rebound. Sound familiar? Of course, it’s BrickBreaker.

BrickBreaker has been preloaded on BlackBerry as far back as some of the first color screen devices. It’s hard to trace the origins of BrickBreaker and which device was the first to load it, but we remember it being on a 7100 and possibly the 7510 in 2004 when RIM had only around 2 million subscribers. Today, there are over 50 million BlackBerrys sold, and BrickBreaker has been installed on probably an equal number of devices. This makes Steve Jobs the creator of the most popular BlackBerry game and maybe the second most popular mobile game in history. The only mobile game with more installs is probably Snake, which became a standard install on Nokia devices in 1998.

While everyone is giving RIM flack for copying Apple, it must suck to know that the first and most popular BlackBerry game was created by Steve Jobs.

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  • Dave Westervelt

    My RIM 957 actually had a pre-loaded pong like game that was vertical instead of horizontal.

  • Rgnicolas

    Breakout was very popular and so have been every other version of the same game type. There’s been a billion breakout/brick breaker games of all kinds of variety. Ali Asaria made the one for RIM/Blackberry.

  • DavidB

    Why must it suck? I’d flip that around, and say it must suck to own an iPhone where you don’t even get the exceedingly popular game created by his eminence…

  • Mark Wellman

    I find that very interesting inthat I have wasted more time playing Brick Breaker than any other game on my Blackberry.
    I say wasted because the game is essentially mindless, however, extremely addicting. Once I start I cannot stop.
    I haven’t played it for a few months. I might just go do that now.

  • iphone 5 release date

    I salute Steve to take apple so high in such a short time