Top 5 Mobile Lessons from Charlie Sheen’s Fans


Whether you are sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen or you cannot turn away from the biggest pop-media train wreck this side of Britney Spears, the fact is that he has invaded the digital world in force. The (former) highest paid sitcom actor has leapt headlong into Twitter, Facebook, his online website, live streaming video ( and beyond. And with a record-breaking ascension to 3 Million Twitter followers, it would seem that the masses are all for it.

Even though Sheen himself is not yet catering to his minions on mobile smartphones, his fans certainly are. Sure, Twitter for BlackBerry and Facebook for BlackBerry can satisfy your mobile Sheen cravings to an extent. But if you’re looking for curated content with quality mobile formatting then you have to look beyond Mr. Winning’s official offerings. Here are some examples and the top 5 lessons that every website owner should take to heart (whether it pumps tiger blood or not)…

This is a fantastic site, because it is completely mobile browser formatted. It looks great on any model or OS of BlackBerry smartphone (and other phone models). You can find what you need, scroll easily, comment, rate comments(!) and more all from your mobile browser. Nothing special required.

The F-18’s official site is not mobile formatted, and in fact is quite cumbersome inside the mobile browser. You have to zoom and pan endlessly, which resulted in me quickly moving on.

Deciphering the Adonis DNA, aka the lessons you should heed:

1. Don’t be a troll. Everyone (in essence) has a phone. Many have a BlackBerry or other smartphone. If you want to ensure solid connection and time spent with your company, brand or yourself (blog), then make sure you have addressed the user who visits your site through a mobile browser.

2. Decide to WIN. Don’t rely on browser advancements to rescue your site. Just because a browser can display your complex site it does not mean that users will enjoy visiting your site while mobile.

3. Make it magic. Give mobile visitors the tools and content they need, and nothing else. In the Quotable Sheen example, mobile users see nicely formatted content and can interact easily with it by commenting and/or rating comments. That’s it. Simple, useful and enjoyable.

4. Don’t sleep. If you don’t provide the mobile content or access then someone else will. In this case, Sheen could drive more visitors and usage on his namesake’s site. But instead some other fan site is doing it and drawing users away.

5. You’ve been warned. Everyone is fixated on apps these days, but a great mobile site is easy to create, maintain and update. If a warlock wizard fan can buy a domain name and create a delightful mobile user experience, then certainly you can justify a small amount of budget to do the same.

Andy Rosic is Player 01 (CEO) of Thumb Arcade. Thumb Arcade creates mobile and social games and apps that no two thumbs can resist. Andy blogs on the dark side of marketing and advertising. He leads and follows on Twitter @arosic.