RIM Makes First Move on Pulling Red Light and Speed Trap Apps


As far as we can tell, App World is the first app storefront to pull apps that “encourage drunk driving”. The problem is that these apps aren’t targeted to promoting drunk driving, but rather bill themselves as apps to avoid speed traps and red light cameras (not necessarily a good thing to promote avoiding). It’s an interesting situation. On the one hand, you don’t want to promote apps that encourage reckless endangerment, but on the other hand, these apps can be used responsibly, reminding you to be cautious and check your speed.

Senators have called on Apple to yank similar apps and the company has yet to respond. Apple has been known to be a moral compass for apps, yanking many apps that have “mature” content in them and keeping the App Store family friendly. It’s surprising that Apple wasn’t leading the charge in this respect. Although, with RIM’s hyper-inflated legal department, it makes sense that RIM is pulling this apps out of fear of lawsuit. Google also has yet to take a position on the issue, and we’ve yet to see any commentary from the company.

Will the other storefronts follow suit or will RIM be along in this decision. What do you think? Should these apps be allowed to exist on the app storefronts? Or is this a futile effort on the part of government and RIM, considering these apps can be distributed by other means?

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    Storefronts go well with and RIM is next in this conclusion. On the other hand, you don’t wish for to endorse apps that persuade reckless endangerment, that these apps can be used correctly, reminding you to be careful and make sure your speed.

  • Anonymous

    With BB and Android you can still sideload these apps. With Apple if they pull the app I guess you would have to jailbreak, which is likely only an option for the more tech-savvy…which leaves out most of the iPhone crowd.

    I kid! I kid!


  • M1

    TeleNav’s latest release includes alerts for both traffic cameras and speed traps – best integration ever. Hope this doesn’t mean the features will be pulled out!


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    This application seems to be useful for drivers. They should be aware on accidents that do happen on highways. In order to avoid these fearful incidents they must be open-minded on proper driving on highways.