Featured App Icons in App World Replaced With BlackBerry Icons


App World

Checking out App World it seems like RIM has replaced a lot of the featured app’s icons in the App World carousel with a BlackBerry icon. It’s not clear why this has happened but the problem has persisted for a few hours now. Even after exiting and restarting App World, the problem persists. It’s a real shame when something like this happens because developers only get 1 week of being featured and the icon is an important marketing tool.

If you think RIM should offer all the developers another week of being featured say “aye!”.

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  • http://maxknux.wordpress.com/ Midnight

    I checked and I think its fixed now. I see the icons of all the apps.

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    aye! – still not working for me [even after a ALT+RST]

  • Fabian Heuwieser

    really weird… is it also like this in the web portal of app world?

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    The ApWorld Web portal was also not showing the images at Friday (there none image was shown at all) – at Saturday morning they finally appeared… now it’s Sunday and still just the default images on the device in AppWorld – :-(

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    finally since a few moments AppWorld is also shwoing the images for me [after the 100+ ALT+R S T]

  • http://twitter.com/marquardt24 Matthias Marquardt

    RIM AppWorld Marketing team have offer an additional week of promotion for the affected Applications – thanks a lot!