Will the PlayBook Generate Lines Like the iPad 2?

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ipad 2
A line for the iPad 2 in Ottawa, Canada. The line went all the way outside the mall.

Apple has a great history of being able to generate lines for their products. It’s a combination of their product development cycle and their ability to create a loyal following that makes consumers want to be among the first to have their products.

Back at one of the AGMs, someone bluntly asked Jim Balsillie why RIM is unable to create a similar buzz and while the question was dodged a little, it’s definitely a fair point that speaks to the two companies’ different product and marketing strategies. But maybe the PlayBook will be different. On the one hand, consumers are probably really interested in the PlayBook and surely some want to be among the first to own it, but RIM has also been showcasing this product for months now and a lot of the allure seems gone. We’ve seen the same demo of the PlayBook over and over and over and over and over.

Will you be lining up for a PlayBook?

If you don’t think the PlayBook will generate lines, maybe someone should hire actors to stand in line for a PlayBook and dupe the local media. At least it would make for a hilarious blog post.

  • Aaron

    No, because:

    1 - you can pre-order it.
    2 - You can buy it at more retail locations.

  • Eric

    I think there would be more of a line for two-for-one metamucil at a old folks community.

  • DavidB

    Yeah, with as many retail locations and pre-order sources as we’ve already heard about, hard to imagine there will be lines anywhere. Heck, there weren’t any lines to speak of when the iPhone hit Verizon, primarily BECAUSE of the pre-order launch they did.

  • Uken Likmibals

    I have a life. Wasting time in any line is wasting life away. I pre-ordered mine already!

  • http://thesaasguy.com/ Jijesh

    I suspect we won’t see a line and buzz for Playbook like we often see for most Apple products. The primary reason, as you mentioned, is because the product has been demoed to death. It has no elegant surprises for users to discover.

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    No reason to wait in a line, when it is so easy to pre-order.

  • http://ale7714designs.com Ale!

    Lines? God! I don’t understand what’s wrong with people that wait in line to get an iPad (or any other gadget) for me it is not worth it, waste of time.

  • Rich

    Here in Australia I’m not even sure when the Playbook will be available or even where to line up to get one. As RIM don’t have any retail outlets here that I’m aware of unfortunately.

    I think he difference is Apple announces a new product to be launched on a certain day and a few weeks later release the product is launched as stated in the press release.

    Its about delivering on promises made and sticking to it to build customer loyality.

  • Anonymous

    I think RIM doesn’t market the “long line effect” because the people at the front of the Playbook line are corporate executives. There ain’t no way a commoner is getting a Playbook before the CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs get them. There is a “line”. It’s just hidden from the public’s eye.

  • Fabian Heuwieser

    I think RIM is not even aiming at getting lines like this…

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