Lost Device and Backup Service Head-to-Head: SmrtGuard Versus BlackBerry Protect


When RIM announced BlackBerry Protect, the first thing on our mind was “what will that do to SmrtGuard?”. SmrtGuard has been providing BlackBerry users with a similar service for a long time before RIM decided they wanted to eat their lunch and now that the Protect app is out of Beta, it’s a good time to compare the two apps/services. Protect is a great move on RIM’s part because it offers a great backup/lost device service for free, which adds a lot of value to the whole platform. SmrtGuard also has a free version, allowing users to dip their feet in the SmrtGuard pool before taking the plunge to the full featured version. So which offers more value?

From the chart, we can see that SmrtGuard’s major strengths are in:

  • Remote Call Fwd (think leaving BlackBerry at home, but realizing at work – this feature lets users remote call forward calls to BlackBerry to another number)
  • Call Blocker – no need to get another app. SmrtGuard got you covered.
  • Export Backed up data to Excel
  • Personal Guardian – One push panic button that twitters, email, SMS, and auto dial a configured number
  • SmrtGuard has backs up more items

It seems if you’re really serious about backups and using a service that helps you find a lost device, SmrtGuard is the way to go. The fact that SmrtGuard is cross-platform is also a huge benefit for the modern gadget enthusiast. BlackBerry Protect is awesome because it offers a basic level of service to all users for free, and leverages the fact that it’s a RIM app to get the word out to more users. We’ll probably see updates and features added to Protect, but until it offers more features, we’re going to have to recommend SmrtGuard.

  • Talon8

    It would be helpful if you’d include SmrtGuard Free in the comparison chart…

  • Anonymous

    SmrtGuard Pro: $44.99/year. SmrtGuard Free: Free, but with no data backup/restore features, no device switch, no remote wipe. For free, I choose BlackBerry Protect.

  • http://twitter.com/diegonei Diego Nei, MBA

    Only thing I really miss about SmrtGuard is the Personal Guardian. But their support team is so bad that I prefer to do without.

  • http://papped.webatu.com papped

    Also doesn’t really go into how well the features work at all… Simply that they exist…

  • http://twitter.com/sergevanneck Serge van Neck

    It would also be helpful if you’d actually review the two products on performance. When I had SmrtGuard installed on my Bold, any time I accessed it remotely the LED would come on bright enough to light up a large room, and the only way to turn it off was to do a battery pull; their tech support was initially responsive but stopped answering my emails once they decided they couldn’t figure it out. And if that was a fluke, what about actually restoring your data? I got to try that out when I bricked my phone once. I felt secure because I’d been backing up my data using SmrtGuard. Unfortunately, it got only 80% through restoring my contacts before giving me a “restore error”. Messages and other data couldn’t be restored at all.

    Comparing a list of features is not a “review”. Let’s see an actual review that simulates the various things that can go wrong, including bricking your phone, and let’s see how the two stack up getting your data back.

  • Developmentarete

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  • Rocker

    With BBID you don’t lose your apps either way,.so BlackBerry has you covered !

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