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Get Free Elecite Themes in Preparation for Go Go Giraffe Launch


We’ve already written about Elecite’s foray into mobile gaming with their new company Strapped to a Meteor and their first game, Go Go Giraffe, is set to launch for the iPhone and iPod Touch on Friday, April 1st. In celebration of their first game launch, Elecite is giving away free themes to anyone who shows their support by helping them spread the word.

Details of the contest are as follows:
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Foursquare Updated and Paving the Way for 3.0 Features



Foursquare has been updated to version 1.9.85 and you can grab it from App World or OTA. The latest update brings some improvements but it’s largely paving the way for a massive version 3.0 upgrade which we can expect in the coming weeks (we’ll have a preview for you).

Foursquare for iPhone has already gone version 3.0 and it brings features such as:

New Recommendation Engine - Through the use of an Explore tab, users can query for recommendations on nightlife, food, arts and entertainment.
More Points - In version 3.0, we have seen points make a comeback with more than 30 different triggers for points, as well a more friends-focused leaderboard.
New Merchant Features - Merchants have access to Check-in spcials, Friend Specials, Flash Specials, Swarm Specials, Newbie Specials, Mayor Specials and Loyalty Specials.
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The Future of BlackBerry and Smartphone Display Cases


Two New York media companies, Stardust and BBDO, have teamed up to make one of the coolest BlackBerry display cases we’ve ever seen. The case uses 3D holographic imaging around the device to bring a unique experience to looking at the device. The device shown in this particular video is the Storm2 for the carrier MTS but we’d love to see it being used for the newer devices like the QNX smartphones.

We definitely recommend heading over to this site and watching the video.

Kik Messenger CEO Donates $1M to Mobile Startup Incubator for Students


It’s hard enough to secure funding for your business, let alone secure funding as a student. VCs and investors are generally looking for someone with not only a great idea, but someone who also has experience in the industry. This doesn’t bode well for aspiring young entrepreneurs. To combat this, Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik, has donated $1M to the University of Waterlook VeloCity Residence, a residence-based startups incubator.

The University of Waterloo will establish a $1M seed fund for student startups and intends to provide “at least 30 student ventures” with $25,000 as well as four months of office space, incorporation services and mentoring over the next few years.
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Lost Device and Backup Service Head-to-Head: SmrtGuard Versus BlackBerry Protect


When RIM announced BlackBerry Protect, the first thing on our mind was “what will that do to SmrtGuard?”. SmrtGuard has been providing BlackBerry users with a similar service for a long time before RIM decided they wanted to eat their lunch and now that the Protect app is out of Beta, it’s a good time to compare the two apps/services. Protect is a great move on RIM’s part because it offers a great backup/lost device service for free, which adds a lot of value to the whole platform. SmrtGuard also has a free version, allowing users to dip their feet in the SmrtGuard pool before taking the plunge to the full featured version. So which offers more value?
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Cool Upcoming Game for the PlayBook: The Core


The Core is a new game for the BlackBerry Playbook coming soon to App World. Marc Cashman, President of AGS Advanced Software says, “It’s a cross between the popular BrickBreaker game and the old arcade game Asteroids. We took full advantage of zero gravity and physics to build the game.” The concept of the game is to control the four spaceship paddles and the asteroid to break into the core of the planet and blow it up. The app will have 1 level free with in app purchases for more levels.

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