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RIM Acquires Ripple Product Developers tinyHippos


In this tutorial, the PhoneGap GeoLocation demo application will be run inside the tinyHippos Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator.

RIM has announced the acquisition of tinyHippos, a company whose product Ripple, allows developers to test and debug their HTML5 apps for multiple platforms from within the browser.
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Will the PlayBook Generate Lines Like the iPad 2?


ipad 2
A line for the iPad 2 in Ottawa, Canada. The line went all the way outside the mall.

Apple has a great history of being able to generate lines for their products. It’s a combination of their product development cycle and their ability to create a loyal following that makes consumers want to be among the first to have their products.

Back at one of the AGMs, someone bluntly asked Jim Balsillie why RIM is unable to create a similar buzz and while the question was dodged a little, it’s definitely a fair point that speaks to the two companies’ different product and marketing strategies. But maybe the PlayBook will be different. On the one hand, consumers are probably really interested in the PlayBook and surely some want to be among the first to own it, but RIM has also been showcasing this product for months now and a lot of the allure seems gone. We’ve seen the same demo of the PlayBook over and over and over and over and over.

Will you be lining up for a PlayBook?

If you don’t think the PlayBook will generate lines, maybe someone should hire actors to stand in line for a PlayBook and dupe the local media. At least it would make for a hilarious blog post.

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Featured App Icons in App World Replaced With BlackBerry Icons


App World

Checking out App World it seems like RIM has replaced a lot of the featured app’s icons in the App World carousel with a BlackBerry icon. It’s not clear why this has happened but the problem has persisted for a few hours now. Even after exiting and restarting App World, the problem persists. It’s a real shame when something like this happens because developers only get 1 week of being featured and the icon is an important marketing tool.

If you think RIM should offer all the developers another week of being featured say “aye!”.

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Glide Cloud Apps and Services Available for QNX, Android Honeycomb and WebOS


glide cloud services

Glide is a interesting cloud storage service that has recently announced support for QNX, iOS, Android Honeycomb and webOS, allowing for sharing and collaboration between the iPad2, HP Touchpad, Motorola XOOM, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook and other tablets. With Glide, you can securely share videos, music, documents and photos, as well as access, edit and share files that are synced or uploaded from your PC, Mac and other devices. Glide offers 30GBs of free storage which makes it a pretty enticing solution for anyone looking for a cloud storage service. This is definitely something we’re going to try out when the PlayBook hits. Speaking of which, the iPad 2 is going on sale shortly for East coast.

Check out Glide over at

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Free Torch for First 10 Developers to Submit an App Using Sencha Framework


sencha touch

Sencha has released an update to their Sencha Touch framework that enables support for BlackBerry 6 devices. The framework is based on HTML5, CSS and Javascript, and allows developers to create apps that look and feel like native apps. Sencha Touch 1.1 also supports the upcoming PlayBook. To help promote the update, RIM is offering a free Torch to the first 10 developers who submit and app to App World that was built using the Sencha Touch framework.

Learn more about Sencha Touch at their site.

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Press Release: RIM Announces Android Apps to Run on the PlayBook


blackberry playbook with plants vs zombies

More details to come.

RIM Expands Application Ecosystem for BlackBerry PlayBook

  • BlackBerry PlayBook to support BlackBerry Java and Android apps
  • Native C/C++ development support added, in addition to HTML5, Flash and AIR support
  • Support from leading game engines: Ideaworks Labs (AirPlay) and Unity Technologies (Unity 3)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook becomes a new market opportunity for all the developers who have already created over 25,000 BlackBerry Java apps and more than 200,000 Android apps.

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