BlackBerry Monaco/Monza Pics Emerge

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This is going to be an interesting year for BlackBerry devices. While there are some really cool form factors on the way, you have to wonder what to make of BlackBerry 6.1 in light of a QNX OS coming in 2012. Will upgrading be just like BlackBerry 6 where we’ll see a handful of devices able to upgrade? Or will the QNX OS be more of a leap? Either way, The Monaco looks really cool but it’s the Bold Touch that takes the show in our opinion. The old school Bold form factor was the best.

The Monaco will not come with SurePress and will have a touchscreen more like the rest of the market. No more pressing the screen in and instead it’s a true “touch” screen. The new device will run BlackBerry 6.1, which has some cool APIs coming for developers to help them create slicker apps such as augmented reality apps.

We’re looking forward to BlackBerry World to hear more!

  • Jtalker

    about darn time. What is bb issues, sleeping at the wheel while everyone else get’s full touch screens on the market. I really enjoyed mr stom 1 which i know is strange. But got tired of waiting fo someting new, this could get me to come back to the bb world. I wonder what time frame is?

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