UPDATED: BlackBerry PlayBook to Run iOS Apps


blackberry playbook with plants vs zombies

At the BlackBerry Developer Day in Toronto, media wasn’t allowed to attend the event because RIM was privately announcing to developers that the PlayBook would technically be allowed to run any type of app, including iOS apps. The PlayBook will run these apps in the same way that it runs Android apps through the launcher. We’re not sure how easy it will be for developers, but it could be that they potentially take the same files they submit to the other app stores and submit them to App World - whether they’re web apps, iOS apps or Android apps. The app launcher on the PlayBook, and the BlackBerry smartphone, will be able to read all these files and let the end user run them. In the end, this means the PlayBook will have over 500,000 apps. Is this enough for the analysts?

We can’t link to anything because RIM has specifically told us we weren’t allowed to report anything from the event, but we are allowed to say that we heard this from multiple attendees.

UPDATE: You know a good April Fool’s Day post when people think it’s real. Maybe it’s because everyone wants it to be true? So just to make it clear: this was a joke.

  • http://twitter.com/hrodzpr @HRodzPR ?

    Aprils Fool?

  • Anonymous

    No kidding April Fools. haha…

  • Noreply

    As much as this is a joke, the playbook could run iOS in a player if Apple allowed it. But since iOS can only run on Apple hardware you will never see this.

  • Na

    Like you guys

  • http://caspan.com Caspan

    All RIM has to do is make developers resign the application and recompile it for BlackBerry and your Gold. Problem is trying to figure out what the language is and how it is interpreted by the device. Apple runs a closed system and there is no way to decompile their interpreter to duplicate it. Android is open source so everything is spelled out in plain text how its internals work.

  • BoldMeister

    April Fools indeed. Now if Apple announced this, I’d be impressed….;-)

  • Ronen

    Looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook will pack some of Steve Jobs’s “Magic” :)

  • Anonymous

    Haha… Very funny guys… :)

  • Boogz

    another April Fools im guessing

  • Romes2dam

    it’s not the app store it’s the games and apps that will run in a app player the palybook can handle c/c++ which apple apps are written in all the developers have to do is re-package the apps and it will run on playbook, but I did wish that BB would have the SDK by now so devlopers could use the full power of the device.

  • Romes2dam

    I don’t think this is a joke..BB is saying the format in which a apple app is written is c/c++ and the playbook supports that. so basically the developers could bring over the apps without much change to the app..I want to see if this is true I am wondering if this is true and If it is then I can android deploy the same tactics.

  • Jacn8910

    is this a joke or not? please confirm! this would be great to be true

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Sorry guys, just to confirm this is a joke. Although, it would be cool wouldn’t it?

  • http://about.me/kylemcinnes Kyle McInnes

    Joke confirmed. :)

  • Romes2dam

    Damn it was a joke..lol..it was pretty funny, but still though this tablet is going to be a nice one I already pre-order mine and the reviews so far have been positive..Rim knows that the lack of apps is an issue,but the web browsing on this device is what people are truly going to be surprised with, since it’s a full browser not a mobile one. even the flash 10.2 on the xoom comes up as a mobile browser when you play certain videos which to me was a disappointment, plus the video play was choppy at time. But the playbook seem’s to play the videos as smooth as my laptop. I hope they add skype soon because the 3mp and 5mp will be nice since it would be HD, having their own video chat almost made me switch to get another tablet since not everyone i know will have a playbook. but i’m sure skype won’t take long to come over. also they sign the deal with EA sports so I know they will have some pretty decent games on the tablet they need to get gamesoft on board to. but overall i can’t wait to get the tablet best buy won’t let me pay in full but still i got mines

  • Nightfox111

    Ya… it’s an april fools, but technically it can be done, which would be sweet!

    Talk about pissing in Jobs coffee.

  • Jj2000la

    Hum. You’re in denial. No way will this device run iOS.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, if iOS binaries are ELF format, but you’d need to create a WiNE for mac OS X binaries for all of the GUI support. Console binaries would just need Darwin compatibility (kernel/userspace syscalls) more or less. Not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    It is A LOT more work, even if iOS is a unix and QNX is a unix-like OS, they may share a common binary format (ELF) but thats it. You need to do much more to actually run them.

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  • Anonymous

    Now how am I gonna get the iFarted app?

  • Usman

    shit i actually believed it