BlackBerry Wish List: Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger


Tiny WIngs gameplay video

It started off as a day much like any other Thursday: I was sitting at my desk, sipping my caffeine-free raspberry tea, chowing down on a sorry excuse for a breakfast meal, when I was approached by an iPhone-weilding co-worker.


Angry Birds, as you might have heard, took the world of iPhone gaming by storm, and had dominated the App Store for months on end. That is until Tiny Wings came along. While Tiny Wings is currently sitting in the number two spot on the App Store, the fact that a brand new, independently developed, foreign game had effectively ended Rovio’s tyranny was enough to convince me to try it out.

I’m going to be perfectly honest – I wasn’t all that impressed at first. My initial feel after giving the game a once-over was ‘underwhelmed’. Partly because the game is absurdly simple. So simple, in fact, that I became quickly frustrated in trying to time the dives perfectly with the flow of the hills. However, as soon as I started hitting the slopes with perfect dives, unlocking achievements for hitting the clouds, beating my high scores over and over again, and learning the creator of the game releases new artwork for the game daily, I realized that I was rapidly becoming an addict. In fact, most of that morning was spent exercising my petite feathers. And then I had to return the iPhone to its owner. I felt the pain of separation tear through my soul like a pack of angry, hog-hating birds.

I’m a BlackBerry user, so my first thought was “a game this simple and awesome must be on BlackBerry, too.” Much to my disdain, I was wrong. Reading the developer Andreas Illiger’s contact page, I learned that because Tiny Wings has been such a smash hit, he hasn’t had a whole lot of spare time to focus on developing the game for other platforms. I understand, but this does nothing to quell my sadness.

Mr. Illiger, I’m begging you. From the bottom of my heart and for BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone 7 users around the world, I beseech you! You must develop Tiny Wings for other platforms. Let the rest of the world enjoy the creatively designed, simply entertaining, play-until-your-eyes-fall-out awesomeness that is Tiny Wings. Remember, RIM announced that the PlayBook will support Android apps, so why not kill two birds with one platform.

I, for one, will seize the day when RIM’s App World carousel features my favorite mobile bird.

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  • Fabian Heuwieser

    It’s the simple games that are the most addicting…

  • Kyle McInnes

    Maybe the guys who did Angry Farm should make a clone of Tiny Wings. “Small Feathers”?

  • Jeff Bacon

    Yeah, I’ve been addicated for this game for a while. It was the ‘fun iphone game of the week’ a couple weeks ago on my blog ( He doesn’t actually release new art, the ground is dynamically rendered so instead of having a limiting set of tiles, the app just creates new patterns for the ground all the time. Very cool.

  • Jeff Bacon

    Oh, and the theme song is available as a download from his website if you like it =)