A Minute is Still Far Too Long For the PlayBook to Boot

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We’ve seen the PlayBook several times being demoed but the boot screen hasn’t been shown off all that much. Considering how long it takes for a BlackBerry to start up, avid BlackBerry users are pretty keen on knowing how long it will take a PlayBook to boot. In recent demos of the PlayBook, we’ve heard the QNX team say that they’ve had the boot time for the PlayBook down to around 30 seconds but this Best Buy demo unit shows it takes 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds of intro video. A full minute is far too long for the PlayBook to start up. It takes the iPad 2 around 20 seconds to reboot and this is what RIM needs to set as their minimum. We’re hoping this boot time goes down significantly with updates and RIM also includes a loading bar so we know roughly how long to expect.

  • Anonymous

    Really. Far too long? :-/

    I think that’s a fairly narrowing view of this. “FAR” too long top of things.

    Now unless you tell me there is zero “Sleep” or “Hybernating” concepts to the device, then maybe you have a point.

    Personally, I find comparing the Apple 2’s iOS with RIM’s QNX, a little unfair. One’s a more glorified iPOD OS, the other is far more like a computer OS.

    The “No compromise” attitude some people have is starting to bother me.

    “FAR” too long.


  • Kanuckles86

    totally agree kind of stupid with all that power and this slow of a boot! ;alkdfjaklsf

  • http://twitter.com/a1by Alberto Plantilla

    I was thinking along the same lines when I saw the demo, but realistically, how often would I be rebooting the PlayBook. The whole point of such a powerful OS was that it was self-healing and it was easy to get rid of apps out of memory by simply sliding the card off.

  • http://crackberry.com/ CrackBerry Bla1ze

    my iPad 2 takes 45 seconds and a friends WiFi XOOM takes 50 seconds.

  • nibble

    What is an iPod OS in your opinion? …iOS uses the same kernel as OSX, how is that not comparable to QNX?

  • http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/1111 Eric at Ebscer

    It is ok if I only have to do it once a year which will hopefully be the case.

  • Anonymous

    iOS uses Darwin. And despite MAC OSX using it as well, it is only but a SMALL portion of it. To the point that its kernel being called MACH Microkernel.

    And Darwin is more of a small “OS” than an actual Kernel. (This part is debatable)

    They both share Darwin to an extent. But to identify them both as using the SAME kernel is extraordinarily misleading.

    Mind you I’m not bashing iOS. Its proven itself stable. I’m merely explaining the difference. The QNX OS is far more open, and its speed is impressive considering its true multitasking capabilities. It’s not quite as locked down. To offer so many “capabilities”, it needs to be “ready” for all of them. That requires many resources to load.

    adding 25 seconds (or, 12 depending who you ask) and calling it “FAR too long” is my only gripe.

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