Addicting RookieRocket Game with Multiplayer Challenges Over Email


RookieRocket is a new game by app developer Fabian Heuwieser that features some simple and fun gameplay at a more than reasonable price. The game has you piloting a rocket towards the heavens while you collect stars and avoid barriers. Some stars slow you down, some speed you up, and one of them reverses the controls entirely. The coolest part of this game has to be the Challenges where you can send your score via email to a friend who may or may not own the game, and have them try and beat your score. This sort of Challenge is going to be even cooler over BBM and we’re hoping that makes it into an update.

Grab a copy of RookieRocket for the low price of $0.99 at this link.

You can also fan the game on Facebook at its Fanpage here.

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