Tutorial Videos for Touch Monaco and Bold Show Basic Features


BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Making Call

It’s cool to see these tutorial videos because it confirms the hardware and tells us we’re that much closer to a launch date. We’re expecting these devices to get announced at BlackBerry World, because they’ll probably go on sale some time in the summer before the Developer Conference.

If both the Bold Touch and the Monaco hit the market at around the same time, which would you buy?

Also, we should have interviewed Lisa Perry for April Fool’s Day as she appears in every single official BlackBerry video and screenshot.

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Homescreen

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Basics

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Insert SIM

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 Hardware

Monaco Hardware

Inserting the SIM on the Monaco

Making a call on the BlackBerry Touch Monaco

BlackBerry Touch Monaco Homescreen

BlackBerry Touch Monaco Basic Functions

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