BlackBerry App World to Receive an “Update All” Feature - Would You Use It?


blackberry app update

An “Update All” feature would be interesting for App World as it would allow you to update all your applications with a single click. Currently, you can do this by plugging in your device to your computer by USB, but the over-the-air version would allow you to do it on the go. The only problem with this feature is that App World still cripples your device when you update an application. A single app update leaves the clock on your homescreen spinning and one can only imagine what would happen if the device had to update 10 applications at once.

This upcoming feature comes in a somewhat rumor form from MobileMonday in Toronto.

  • Dave Aman

    Thank GOD!! I hope it’s true. I rarely connect with a cable so this would be great. I’d rather have a spinning clock for a while to update 10 apps at a time, than have to reboot once for every app I update…10 times.

  • Caspan

    I agree, I am normally really good for doing updates when they come out so I normally don’t have many to do but when there is more then 1 for sure this would rock!

  • Kersus


  • Caspan

    LoL not 5 minutes ago I just got 3 updates from BlackBerry App World

  • Eric at Ebscer

    I hardly ever see more then 2 or 3 updates at a time, but I would certainly use this. It would let you just click once and check back later, instead of constantly checking during updates to see if you need to move onto the next step…

  • Midnight

    It depends, I don’t even think its possible with my BlackBerry Flip since its OS 4.6 and at the brink of no memory.

  • Phil

    This wasn’t an issue with older OS’s (couldn’t have that many apps installed), but with version 6, I’ve actually have several applications including a few games…. so YES. Being able to update all of them in one go and a final reboot would be GREAT!