App World Features Should Not be Deployed On a Friday


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It’s commonly understood in the software business that you don’t deploy on a Friday. The logic behind it is that if you deploy on a Friday and a bug makes it into the software, you don’t have anyone around on the weekend to deal with it. We’ve noticed that RIM tends to update its Featured category in App World on a Friday and it’s not clear why. The App World team at RIM, while they may have people working on the weekends, surely don’t have the same resources on a Saturday night as they would on a Tuesday morning. Also, a major implication of being featured is that your downloads will increase and there’s additional load on your servers if your app uses them. By deploying the featured apps on a Friday, you aren’t taking into consideration the companies that have to either pay overtime to have someone around to troubleshoot the server load, or answer the increase in support emails. Even if the company is just a one person shop, you’re potentially ruining weekends and that’s just not groovy.

Maybe this didn’t merit a post on its own but we’ve had a couple developers write in and ask that we put this up. Perhaps more developers are looking to the blogs to get changes made ever since that lone blogger garnered so much attention.

  • Matthias Marquardt

    Once more you hit the nail on it’s head Kyle! - thanks

  • BerryGoodThemes

    your a fool

    they are changed on a friday, so that there is a upload of sales over the weekend on new stuff and so it gets apps into the top 25 straight away ready for monday morning, where they then get a full week in the top 25, not losing any time!!

    who has server overloads, or worries about answer support emails when your sales are up 1000% !

  • Kyle McInnes

    Ok easy guy. You’re a theme company so you probably don’t care. There aren’t many support emails for themes and there is no server load.

    Lots of companies have server loads to worry about. Connected games, location-based apps and platforms, or anything that’s serving dynamic content. If your server gets bogged down and the app suffers because of it, you’re going to get an earful from users and bad ratings. That’s not good for business.

  • Daniel

    I am a bit more with BerryGoodThemes. An app doesn’t appear in the Featured category without consulting with the vendor first as additional information will have to be provided. Secondly, don’t approve it if you don’t feel comfortable that you will be able to handle the potential uprise in downloads and sales. And afterall, you’re on BLACKBERRY AppWorld, so one might think that the people involved on the vedor side have a BlackBerry, an great mobile device to answer support emails on the go.

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