Twitter for BlackBerry Version 1.1 Officially Rolling Out Today


twitter upgrade

Twitter for BlackBerry version 1.1 is rolling out today over the next 24 hours in App World and it comes with some graphical updates as well as more location-based features. The app is coming along nicely but just because it’s the official app doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of awesome third party options out there. There are plenty of users who appreciate new features and special functionality.

For those dedicated Twitter for BlackBerry users, new features in 1.1 include:

Tweet location - You can tweet your location and it will be shared with your followers. You can also easily view other locations by clicking a button in the bottom right corner of a tweet that has this feature enabled.
Push @Mentions and #Topic autocomplete - These were mentioned in the beta and are still available.
New graphics - Streamlined layout of the Add Photo and Add Location icons on the Home screen.
Retweet updates - The next time you Retweet something, it will appear in your Home timeline as ‘Retweeted by You’, to quickly alert you that your Retweet was sent successfully.
New language support - Twitter for BlackBerry now supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Czech and Thai.

You should receive the latest update via BlackBerry App World notification and you can always hit the desktop version to check as well. Check out Twitter for BlackBerry in App World at this link.

You can also read more about it at the official announcement on Inside BlackBerry.

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