How To Use Your Pretzil Avatar in Texas Hold’em King Live by Magmic #THKLive



Texas Hold’em King Live (THKLive) by Magmic is a really interesting poker game that we’ve written about several times. The game uses in-app purchases and virtual currency for a poker experience unlike any other on BlackBerry. A little known fact about the game is that you can get access to a huge portfolio of avatars that can be used in game, by connecting your account to Pretzil has a couple hundred avatars that can be unlocked and used in THKLive to make your poker experience even better. To use your avatar in THKLive, follow these steps:

1. Launch THKLive.
2. Click “PROFILE”.
3. Choose the right most tab that says “pretzil”.
4. Login or create an account.
5. Go to the second tab from the left to select avatars.
6. Scroll to the bottom of the avatar list and select the pretzil icon.

Now your pretzil avatar is your THKLive avatar. Remember, you can change your avatar on and it will be reflected in THKLive. Happy poker playing!

  • Kyle McInnes

    Download the beta for the Pretzil app for iOS at this link:

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